ASDC 2014

Another ASDC come and gone but we won’t have to wait as long for the next one!  With the sad news that ACC will no longer be held, ASDC has moved into that time slot and will be MLK weekend in January 2015.  YAY!  I, for one, am very excited for the move – there is so much going on in the Springtime that the move to January actually makes it a bit easier for us.

Another fantastic event.  During the weekend, they spoke of the “Dream Team” DJs of Victor Loviera, Cher Peadon and Ruby Lair – that is not an exaggeration!  Three of the most talented and well respected DJ in all of WCS and we got all three of them for the weekend.  I have to say that the event directors are a bit a “dream team” themselves.  You’ve got Rick Domalski, who has traveled and competed for years – he knows what competitors and social dancers want.  Then Angel and Debbie Figueroa – amazing champion dancers, but beyond that, they also have vast chief judge experience and know how to keep an event running smoothly.  You add in Mike Topel, yet another well known, well organized chief judge and the event, at least from an attendees’ point of view, was the most well run I’ve ever attended.  Every event has its issues, no matter how well planned, but I don’t really remember having any UGH moments regarding timing of events or things running ridiculously late.  In fact, there was even time for dinner on both Friday and Saturday nights for us before the evening activities!  Really rare of us.  

This year was also very special to us as we were bringing the first ever SSQQ WCS Team out on the competition floor.  These are all people who represent the studio we work for, either as staff members or long time students.  With Michael Stephens, we had the privilege of being their choreographers, their coaches and for this event, part of their dance team to sub in for dancers who couldn’t make the event. Most of the folks on the team have never been to a full weekend event before, let alone actually perform at an event.  We were truly proud of them and how they performed and it made me very very happy to get to share the experience with them.  It gives me so much joy that they enjoyed themselves so much that they are ready to perform again.  That’s dance JOY, people!

It’s back to work this weekend with the team to prepare for our next performance at Swingapalooza!

Updates and Mini tour of Ohio

It’s been a whirlwind lately around here and it’s taken some time to get my thoughts together.

First, let’s start from before Thanksgiving!  *wavy lines to transport us into the past*

So first up was Houston Rocks, which is part of The Challenge Swing –

This is our 3rd year taking part in Barry and Johnny’s super fun Challenge.  This year, the event director was Michael Stephens and he did a great job in having a lot of versatility in the workshops and some fun contests, like the Two-Step jack and jill and a Century Swing (where the age of all the competitors in each dance couple/group has to add up to at least 100).

Houston Rocks was also a new experience for me because I was asked to MC!  Friday night was kinda crazy because I really wasn’t expecting to have to do that and I really was winging it.  I think I was getting more into the groove of things and on Saturday, I had made myself an outline and it went better.  I even got some nice compliments and some good constructive criticism.  Who knew?

Next up was our trip to Ohio for anniversary, Thanksgiving with the inlaws and of course, C.A.S.H. Bash!

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