Final stop on the West Coast Swing Marathon – Swingapalooza 2013


This is our third year at Swingapalooza – and even though we were pretty exhausted already from our latest dance marathon, we knew that we would have a blast no matter what.

It doesn’t disappoint! 

I don’t know what it is about Swingapalooza.  It’s not held anywhere huge – it’s in Gonzales, Louisiana, just outside of Baton Rouge.  It’s not held in a fancy hotel.  It’s not a big event.  Inspite of those things, or perhaps it’s more because of those things, it has that hometown hospitality feel, where everyone is a friend and everyone is there is have some FUN! 

I’m sure that there is some drama – I think that just comes with the territory – but it never permeates the ballroom.  There is very little negativity at this event.  Everyone really cheers for one another and even though this is a competition weekend, I always feel like people want everyone to do well.  There is a real sense of comraderie at this event like no other.

Our Louisiana dance family grows all the time and I can’t thank them enough for welcoming us every year.  I am so glad that we were able to bring a couple of Swingapalooza newbies with us this year and happy to say that we introduced them to such a wonderful event!

A special thank you to Louie (1st in proam novice!) and Matthew (3rd place proam Intermediate and 5th place in our proam routine!) for helping me get Top Female Teacher this year!  AMAZING!  Truly unexpected and SO so so appreciated.  I was thrilled to get to share the top honors with the phenomenal Matt Auclair!

Also a shout out to Alan, for his first WCS competition ever!  and then coming in 3rd in the newcomer J&J!!!  GREAT JOB!  and I love the new sense of confidence in your dance!  It’s been fantastic watching you grow in your dance and I look forward to watching it continue to progress!

Thanks again to Bryan and Catrinel for another amazing Swingapalooza!