Novice Invitational 2014 and more…

Novice Invitational was one of the first events that I ever competed at when I first started WCS.  This event holds a lot of fond memories for me, and this year was no exception.  In the last year, we’ve had the honor of working with a lot of new dancers and competitors in WCS.  It has been an absolute pleasure getting to see them grow in the dance and in their self confidence, and see them make so many improvements, in both social and competitive dancing.  Congrats to Robert, Karina, Sherri, Troy, Leah, Emma, Amy, Shane, Lani, Alan, Karen, and Mary on all your progress and successes!  A special thanks and congrats to Kevin, Louie and Roger for dancing with me in the pro-ams this year – it is an absolute privilege to get to dance with each of you and I hope you had as much fun as I did!  

It was also a time for some personal achievements, being on staff for the first time at this event and getting to work with the incomparable Debbie Figueroa.  She has been a wonderful mentor and coach in my dance journey and I cannot thank her enough for her faith in me.  Plus between her and her husband, Angel, I have achieved my next step in this journey of mine – All Stars, here I come!

And since apparently, we weren’t danced out yet, last Saturday was the ever popular WCS party hosted by David Appel.  David has been doing these parties for almost 10 years – and I am happy to report that he is doing these on the regular these days!  David always has a great mix of popular and current music, and he always works with great venues to give us a great floor and a nice comfortable setting.  Trent and I both danced hard for almost 2 hours straight and we both had some fantastic dances all evening.  I apologize to anyone that I missed over the weekend – it was time to go home and ice so I can dance some more next time!

Next up is Austin Swing Dance Championships!  We’re busy putting the finishing touches on our SSQQ Swing Team to get ready to compete our new routine for the first time!  So excited and nervous! 


Novice Invitational 2014 – Trendlyon Veal and Marcus Smith

This year’s featured instructors at Novice Invitational was Trendlyon Veal and Marcus Smith from the DC area. They are truly 2 of the nicest, most creative dancers on the pro WCS circuit right now. Love these folks! And they are amazing dancers to boot! This was the exhibition they performed for us at the event. This is not choreographed – just 2 people really connected with each other!