Meet Me in St. Louis Dance Championships 2013


I’ve had a few days to recover from lost luggage and broken cars to finally reflect on the weekend in St. Louis.  It was our first time there and we had a great time!

I believe this was Katie Hicks and Crystal Auclair’s first time as event directors at this event, and they did a great job.  I think it really helps to have long time competitors as event directors – there are just certain little nuances that you are probably more aware of because you’ve been there so many time before.  Like having plenty of space for private lessons and for dance practice.  I thought the event was run well, and took advantage of the idancemobile app to keep dancers on top of any scheduling changes.  

I enjoyed the pro staff that was there – I even got to dance with a couple that I had never danced with before this time! I really liked that there was plenty of down time for lunch and dinner.  Granted this is a smaller event with fewer comps, but I thought it was scheduled well.  The hotel was very nice and the hotel restaurant had good food that wasn’t too crazy expensive.  I do wish that there were more food options outside of the hotel within walking distance, but that is a minor complaint.  Being close the airport with a free shuttle is a big plus as well!

This is definitely an event that we will plan to return to in the future.  Great job, Katie and Crystal!