Dallas DANCE 2013



I’ve had a couple of days now to recover, although I did have to go back to work on Tuesday.  I used take that Tuesday off – something I need to remember for next year!

Dallas DANCE has long been a favorite event of ours and we were definitely looking forward to competing and seeing some of our best friends, both in and out of the dance community.  We were aware of some drama and rumors that were floating around which I think effected the energy levels early in the weekend.  By Sunday, however, the energy in the ballroom was as electric as it ever was!  Sunday was a great show from the novices to the all stars, with a sharp teams division, and some Phenomenal exciting performances in Cabaret, ending with one of the best invitational JJ divisions I’ve seen in a long time.  I mean that sincerely and not just because Trent was dancing in it for the first time.  🙂

It was also a weekend of some personal triumphs for both of us.  We both get a bit insecure from time to time about our competition status as we aren’t getting any younger and sometimes we wonder if we can keep up!  It was only my 2nd time to make finals in a jack and jill at this event at any level and my first time to make strictly finals ever!  To have done both at the same time was so exciting and so shocking.  And then to have placed in both (5th in JJ, 3rd in SS) was just icing on the cake.  Thank you so much for all my dance partners for taking care of me: Tommy, Shane, Byron, Mike, and Jay in JJ and Jeff in SS!  It was also my first time taking the floor as a pro at Dallas Dance in the Female ProAm division.  The last time I was on the floor in a proam routine was with Trent in 2007!  I was a little nervous, but as usual when the music started to play, the nerves went away.  Matthew did a fantastic job – his best performance of our routine yet!

Trent also had his firsts.  He is now a back to back winner of All Star JJ in Dallas!  ANd he had to dance twice – and he won 3rd with his other partner!  He was also invited to dance in the invitational JJ – a big honor at Dallas Dance, and a goal of his for over 20 years.  He drew the incredibly talented Stevie Blakely and they proceeded to have one of the best dances I’ve ever seen from Trent.  And they came in 6th!  Amazing for going up against some of the best of the best in the country in WCS.  I was supremely proud and happy!

Of course the best parts of the weekend were always laughing in our suite with some of our best friends and just getting to spend time with people who like you for you.  Absolutely the best thing to have come out of learning how to dance – my friends who have become like family to me.  /sappy sap sap/

Till next year!