Apparently I got a little catching up to do!  I’ve been enjoying some downtime from dance events – rejuvenating and getting remotivated!

It was our 2nd year to be on staff at DFW ProAm Jam over Memorial Day weekend – and this year was just as full as fun shenanagins as always!  As you can see from the intro photo, this year’s theme was TOGA FUN!  Trent and I really had fun with our toga costumes, and there were some beautiful togas.  My favorite though, was our own gladiator, Mike Topel!  

Lori and Glenn always strive to take care of their staff as well as the dancers, and this year was no exception.  Fun contests like the ProAm JJ and the Mixed bag JJ were a hoot to both participate in and to watch!  I always enjoy events that really focus on the newer dancers and having the newcomer JJ division at this event is a real benefit for those wanting to get a taste of competition, without it being too scary.  Plus, all finals were either semi spotlight or spotlighted so that the newcomers and novices got their time to shine.

Then we took some time off in June.  It was a needed rest after a super busy traveling springtime!

We ended our break with Wild Wild Westie up in Dallas again.  This was over July 4th weekend and it was our first time there, after hearing great things about it the year before.  It is a leveled workshop focused weekend, with auditions to take workshops at the highest levels.  It was our first time attending something like this, and we really appreciated the workshop instructors working to make sure that their workshop material really focused on things that would help each level the most.  Tracy Wang, Jay Tsai and CJ Caraway really did a great job in putting this event together and I look forward to next year!

Next up for us is Dance Mardi Gras!  It’s our 2nd time to attend, and our first time on staff!  Can’t help but have fun when you’re going to an event in the French Quarter!

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