Robert Royston 10 hour Intensive


Trent and I had the opportunity to attend the Robert Royston 10 hour Intensive this past weekend  It was the third long weekend for us and the 2nd one out of town out of the last three.  So we were already tired, but very much looking forward to seeing what we could learn.

Trent and I had attended an hour workshop by Robert back in December as part of The Challenge event.  We were very impressed by the way that he explained the concepts behind the pattern that he was teaching.  It really made us think of that particular concept in a new way and it gave us another tool in how we teach our students.

Some of you know that we are currently overseeing the west coast swing program at ssqq dance (  Besides constantly trying to improve the program and improve the material that we present to our students, we recently embarked on a teacher training program.  It’s something that we had been talking about for awhile.  It isn’t just about the actual moves that we teach, but also about how to manage your class time-wise and when to present certain material.  How to teach and how to make changes as needed depending on the skill set from the students. So we were looking forward to the intensive to find new ways to present the material to both our staff and our students, as well as for us personally as dancers, and competitors.

WOW.  We were NOT disappointed!  Without giving a lot away (you really need to take the intensive yourself!), we both loved the base foundation where he starts from, covering body mechanics and movement, as opposed to being specific to the West coast swing.  For me, it really brought together alot of different concepts and ideas that I have been exposed to over the years and have really been working on recently.  It brought more purpose to why I was trying to do certain things and why some things work and others haven’t.  As Robert said, it brought so much more to my “toolbox” both as a competitor and an instructor.

The other thing that we especially enjoyed and took with us are the drills that he provided that allowed immediate application of what we were learning.  He had drills for all his concepts, including for musicality.  I loved the immediate application.  Trent was next to me, nodding his head and just BEAMING because it brought together everything that he had been preaching for years.  LOL.

On a personal level, I feel like this intensive as the right time for me in my competitive career.  I have so many ideas swirling and twirling in my brain and I have not been this excited about dance in a long long time.

Quote of the weekend: Amateurs practice until they get it right.  Professionals practice until they can’t get it wrong.


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