New Year’s Eve (Eve) in Dallas

Back at work today, but I just keep thinking about all the special moments from the weekend at Barry Jones and Johnny Siharath’s New Year’s Eve Eve workshop and party.  We just love working with them and we are so fortunate to have gotten another opportunity to do it again!

We had the pleasure and privilege of teaching our newly revamped Intro to Slow Whip workshop this weekend.  We had a great turn out and by the end of the class, we really felt like we achieved our goal: for those in the class to get a good overview of what slow whip is and the general idea of how it works so that they can try it out when a good song comes on!  We had some wonderful feedback from attendees – thank you to everyone who attended!

The rest of the weekend was a bit of blur – there were WCS workshops taught by Patty Vo, JB Brodie, and Barry Jones, as well a a SWANK! workshop by none other than Brent and Kellese Key!  There were two theme nights – the Masquerade party and the White party, both of which were a blast!

During the masquerade party, we also had a same-sex strictly swing competition.  I got to dance with Meg Claiborne with our now patented “Double-Split” move, while Trent completed the Around the World lift with Clint Madewell.  Clint – you sure got some style in that pose!  🙂  The Brothers Brodie won that day with some very musically placed back bend moves – guess that’s the next thing that I need to learn!  LOL!

We also crowned our King and Queen of 2012 – congrats to Joel Gorman and Danielle Laborde!

The next night, with everyone all dressed up in their all white outfits, we had the All American Jack and Jill.  I had the good fortune to draw David Carter who came all the way from Arkansas!  I don’t think we have danced very much before, but we had some great dances and he really took care of me on the floor.  Thanks again, David!

The best parts though, as it always is, was getting to see some great friends, new and old.  It’s truly been a blessing to get know Barry and Johnny this past year, who are two of the most genuine people you will ever meet.  Trent and I look forward to continue our friendship with them and hope that we have many more opportunities to work with them!

We also loved getting to hang out with our little dance family that continues to grow.  These are a great bunch of people, linked first by the love of WCS, but now linked by genuine comraderie, and respect and love for each other.  Sappy and sentimental?  Yeah, I know.  🙂  But I can’t help it when I’m surrounded by these folks.  They make me happy.


And of course, thank you and much love to Trent – whose unconditional support has just helped me grow as a dancer and as a person.  Love you, babe!

Happy New Year, y’all!

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