Austin Swing Dance Championships 2012

I’ve had a couple of days to debrief and recover from the first annual ASDC event in Austin, TX.  Trent and I were very happy to be able to support this new event, run by our friends, Angel and Debbie Figueroa and Rick Domalski!

I had several people ask me how much I had to drink Saturday night, as they said I seemed very happy.  LOL.  Granted, I did have a few, but mostly I was just happy to be surrounded by my dance friends, old and new, getting to catch up with people, and getting some really good dancing in!  I was in a really good mood pretty much all weekend.

We both really liked the hotel – it’s in a good location with lots of things within walking distance and it was a nice hotel that wasn’t too expensive.  The ballroom had plenty of room and looked great!  We thought the event was well run with very few snafus, especially for a first year event.  And I know that the event directors are already looking to see how they can improve for next year.  The music was fantastic, pretty much all weekend, and I really enjoyed the majority of the competition music as well.  The energy in the ballroom was just really high all weekend – I never really felt a lull.  I don’t know how they did that, but it really was great to see all the smiling faces from everyone.

We will definitely be back next year and we are looking forward to seeing it grow!

Next up – Swingapalooza!


EDITED TO ADD: I nearly forgot to thank my Ams for dancing with me at ASDC!!!!  As always, I want to thank Matthew for dancing with me and trusting me as your pro.  I want to thank Louie for dancing with me again – you are on your way up!  And I want to thank Shane, my newest Am, for asking me to be your pro – Congrats on your wins this weekend!


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