Novice Invitational 2012

Decompressing from the weekend.  Always a fun event where we get to see so many of our wonderful new friends and tons of social dancing!  We had a great time catching with new friends from Dallas, Louisiana and Oklahoma.  The best thing about these events is getting to meet so many incredible people and having those zen moments, both on and off the floor.

This event is completely geared towards the novice and intermediate level competitive dancers, which makes it a great venue for those starting out in competition.  This year’s featured workshop instructors were Shawn and Kristen Moody and Matt and Crystal Auclair.  They are some of the best dancers in the nation and fantastic instructors.

This is the last year that the event will be held at the Hilton Clear Lake.  The hotel has made some nice upgrades to their facilities and in general, we like the hotel.  But it does deter some folks from heading down because it does add quite a bit of drive for those coming in from out of town.   It’s a far drive for most of us who live in Houston as well.  Next year, the event will be held at a new venue, the new Westin at Memorial City Mall, which we think will be an amazing location.  Easy access, in town and lots of places nearby for shopping and eating.  Can’t wait!

I had the privilege of getting to compete with my two Ams, Matthew and Louie, again.  They are really great dance partners and always a pleasure to dance with, socially or in competition.  Trent and I also got to compete in the Advanced JJ this year.  He drew Enola from Oklahoma, one of the nicest and funniest people we’ve met!  Since we had more guys than ladies, I ended up having to dance twice, with Henry from Louisiana and CJ from Dallas, both incredibly smooth dancers.  I’ve drawn Henry before and it is always a pleasure.  I haven’t danced with CJ in awhile – our paths just hadn’t crossed lately, but we also had an amazing dance and to our surprise, a 3rd place finish, amongst some of our toughest peers!  It was definitely a nice surprise to end the weekend with.





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